Apostolo is my way to pray – by dance and by music. I love techno and trance but first of all I love Jesus. So I show my love and faith making a music. I would like to share with other and I give it for everyone for free. You can listen my music online at Youtube but you can also download for free selected songs you like or full albums. You can use my songs without any payment for your party or other christian events.

Unsorted songs

Tradidional Polish Carol

Today I have for you my version of traditional Polish Carol. This Christmas song „Let’s go all to the stable” is called in Polish as „Pójdźmy wszyscy do stajenki”


We can pray to Our Lord with thanksgiving and worship by dance and music. That was my idea when I’ve decided to start my musical project Apostolo.

Apostolo is a trance and techno music about christianity created as my personal prayer.

I”m a catholic, father, grandpa, music producer, bloger from Warsaw, Poland. Please, stay with me here and let’s pray together.